Thursday, December 1, 2016

Colonial Day with Pirates

A cartoon piratedownload (5).jpg

On  October 28, 2016 , Captain Rohrbacker’s class made a voyage to colonial America for colonial day.

Many buccaneers played colonial games like Jacks,Marbles,Dominos,and Pick up sticks and you could tell some played like pros !

Next, they made corn husk dolls.  It was awesomazing and you also get to add corn husk dolls to your toy collection(if you have one).  

download (1).jpgIMG_2026.jpg
We also did Johnny cakes which are like pancakes but with more taste and feeling.IMG_1940.jpgIMG_1941.jpgIMG_1961.jpg
Next, we pirates tried writing in ink instead of sea die.  For some it was hard and for others it was easy as pie (oops... seaweed).
Copy of IMG_1937.jpg
Last but not least (last was cleaning) we tried some weaving for cotton instead of silk or polyester and many buccaneer boys and girls liked weaving as a secret hobby (it’s illegal to wear cotton pirate clothes and other wearables).


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