Sunday, April 12, 2015

Research Presentations and Colonial Day!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful and relaxing spring break! We have lots of exciting things ahead of us - can you believe there are only 9 weeks of 5th grade left?? I can't believe how fast this year has flown by! 

I am so incredibly proud of every student in our class. The week before break, students shared their research reports and then gave presentations about their topic to small groups. Topics ranged from countries to sports to biographies of famous people to animals - it was an amazing day of teaching and learning! I definitely learned a lot from everyone's hard work! 

Reading each other's reports and leaving feedback:

Everyone left great positive feedback! 

Research presentations in action!

Then, the Friday before Spring break, we had Colonial Day! This day was a huge success thanks to awesome parent volunteers donating supplies and running the stations! The kids had a great time, and it was the perfect way to wrap up our 13 Colonies unit. 

We made and ate johnny cakes, a traditional food in the New England Colonies. Reactions ranged from, "This tastes like dog treats!" to, "These are delicious!" But no matter how they tasted, everyone tried them! We ate them with our homemade butter, real maple syrup, and apple sauce. 

We also got to try writing with quill pens and ink. This was a lot harder than many of us had originally anticipated! It was a fun challenge, though! 

We also got to try out some colonial games. We made whirligigs and played jacks, pick up sticks, dominoes, and cat's cradle. 

We also made cornhusk dolls and even sewed some clothes for them. 

All in all, the week before spring break was fantastic! I'm looking forward to all the learning and fun we still have coming up for the rest of the year!