Thursday, February 12, 2015

January and February Updates

The last few weeks have been full of learning and fun! 

We've been focusing on informational text and researching. Using iPads, we went on a scavenger hunt finding informational text features. 

In math, we wrapped up our chapter on number expressions and patterns. We played Quiz, Quiz, Trade to identify ordinal pairs on a coordinate plane. 

Star Academy had a Pennies for Patients fundraising drive. Our class put together and distributed the boxes to the entire school! 

We've been having lots of fun together, too. Here's a picture from a recent girls lunch. (We have boys lunch and girls lunch every week!) 

For part of an art project, we needed to trace a design. The windows in the cafeteria worked great for this!

This Monday, we went to PFAA and Leading Edge for middle school orientation. We had a great day! Awesome middle school mentors showed the students around. The 5th graders even got to participate in some activities with 6th graders from Leading Edge.  

Yesterday was our Valentine's celebration. We decorated bags, passed out cards and candy, and made cards. We had a great time.

I hope everyone has a fantastic 4 day weekend! See you Tuesday!