Friday, March 13, 2015

Fever 1793 Book Review by Maddy

Fever 1793
Fever, written by Laurie Halse Anderson is a historical fiction book about a  Philadelphia server girl named Mattie Cook. A haunting sickness called “Yellow Fever” terrorizes through the streets, creeping up on people and getting them seriously ill.  
As everyone is fleeing and getting ill, Mattie learns to have courage and to stay strong in everything you do even if it is hard.Will she survive”Yellow Fever”?
I recommend this book for people who like intense and historical fiction books.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Thinking About Reading

Reading is a major focus in our classroom. Each day, we make time to read independently, talk about books in our book clubs, write about books, and join together for our read aloud. As of right now, we've read over 550 books! Also, we've experienced Wonder, The Julian Chapter, Out of My Mind, The Girl Who Could Fly, Chains, and now All the Answers together during our read aloud time.

Last week, to celebrate Read Across America and Dr. Seuss's birthday, we had a readathon. Here are some pictures from that day. Check out some of our favorite books! 

We also took some time to think about our reading and respond to padlets, which are like online bulletin boards. Here are links to the padlets:

We would LOVE to hear from YOU about your own reading! Please take a moment to respond to a padlet (or two or three!), or to leave a comment about your own experiences with reading! (Responding to a padlet is very easy - just double click where you would like to add a comment, type in your name at the top, and then type the comment underneath.)

I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend, and again, we would love to hear from you!